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Fasting in secure September 22, 2008

Posted by Marmalade Pie in Feel.

I’ve already done my fasting this year and will celebrate Hari Raya next week. Unfortunately i can’t enjoy too much this year coz I have a lot of work must do during this holiday. So I assume myself not have a holiday. ARgh!!.lets list it.

1. FYP (Final Year Project)

  • i really don’t get it what really thing must i do. Fabrication or waveguide. this is my fate because i’m just accept the title of the project from my supervisor. this is his project actually..huh
  • my progress is just do a research in this book: Fundamental of Semiconductor Fabrication.
  • get ready to presentation after this holiday

2. Power Electronics assignment

  • i must do all the tutorial in this module
  • also past year equation about inverter or converter(i not sure)
  • i have a test after this holiday

3. Study a digital communication

  • my lecturer always called my name is his class. i’m really don’t like this situation. he assume me always know about what his teach in his class.
  • also have a test after holiday



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